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About Us

Enhancing everyday life with great food in the care sector

Established in 2016, Signature Dining has grown exponentially to become the only dedicated provider of deliciously nutritious contract catering solutions in the Senior Living and Care sectors in the UK, including a specialist Kosher service.

Founded by Paul Robottom, Signature Dining’s success has been built on a genuine passion for great food, delivered in comfortable and welcoming environments by a team of committed and talented people who possess more than 30-years specialised experience.

Menus are developed with the input and insight of residents, locally grown and seasonal ingredients are used wherever possible – whilst also being entirely mindful of all dietary requirements, and regular theme nights, calendar events and tastings ensure things remain interesting and appetising at every mealtime and beyond.

With more than 3,000 meals served to happy diners around the UK every day, Signature Dining create environments where residents want to eat, meet and dine with dignity.

And so it is wholly deserved, that Signature Dining were the recipients of the 2020 Care Caterer of the Year at the prestigious Public Sector Catering Awards, which is deserved recognition for the passion, hard work and professionalism of the entire team.

Successful Outsourcing – Great Food. Personal Service. Transparent Budgets

Signature Dining’s experience and expertise in these niche care sectors means that their clients enjoy a genuine partnership rather than just a transaction with another supplier – and in simple terms, this quickly becomes a partnership that genuinely takes away problems and replaces them with total peace-of-mind.

Clients can expect a real focus on menu innovation and development, tools and expertise to support all care plans, residents’ dietary needs and specialists in dysphagia and dementia eating methods. There is a real emphasis on delivering real dining room interest and stimulation in addition to great food, a proactive and diligent approach to managing budgets, adherence to health and safety policy, staff recruitment and transparent open-book accounting.

Furthermore, Signature Dining possess a comprehensive understanding of CQC guidelines and work closely with their clients to support and help achieve overall ratings targets as part of this legislation.

In short, organisations who outsource their catering needs to Signature Dining, know that mealtimes become experiences, menus are inclusive, seasonal and nutritionally balanced, service is professional, respectful and courteous, CQC is fully supported and clear budgeting and service expectations are always met.

Personalised Procurement – Quality Produce. Best Value. Guaranteed Delivery & Hassle free….

One of the keys to Signature Dining’s success, is the strong nationwide, personalised purchasing partnerships that they enjoy with a variety of high-quality growers, suppliers and producers, with more than 90% of that produce sourced in the UK.

These relationships have been built over many years and ensure a hassle-free supply chain offering consistent stock availability for ingredients, products and essentials with guaranteed deliveries to maintain a proud 100% service record, 365 days of the year – even in uncertain times.

Indeed, during the COVID-19 lockdown and continuing within the ongoing restrictions, Signature Dining’s service remained uninterrupted with no one reduced to queueing at the supermarket for essentials – another example of the peace-of-mind and reassurance that clients enjoy when appointing Signature Dining to deliver their varied catering requirements.

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