Signature Dining

Our food

Our food combines traditional, home-style favourites, cooked from scratch, imaginatively created and beautifully presented. Our food philosophy is to retain the natural aroma and taste of any dish by using the best ingredients available in season. Our well trained and passionate Chefs create dishes, using the freshest, most authentic ingredients, whipped up into amazing and varied dishes to suit all tastes, ages and abilities.

At Signature Dining we always say….. "we are only as good as the last meal we serve".

We source the finest ingredients from local farmers and artisan suppliers to ensure that every ‘Signature’ dish can be traced from farm to fork. We appreciate that there is an increasing desire for local food, produced in a sustainable way and that’s why we only pick the best.

We draw our food inspiration and ideas from around the world and combine these with both the latest retail branded offers along with more classic and traditional recipes. We also hold food workshops to inspire creativity within our teams and share our genuine passion for food to try and wow our customers daily.

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