Signature Dining

What matters to us

We are passionate and fun people delivering excellent quality food and customer experiences every day, nurturing our people to inspire each other with an honest, free and flexible approach.

We endeavour to create an environment which will become a place where residents will want to eat, meet, socialise and have fun with our people.

We are also acutely aware of helping our residents dine with dignity and all of our staff are trained to be engaged and confident in their approach to this specialised area.

Our vision - Is to enthuse, educate and share our passion for good quality seasonal food with our customers. Our provenance promotes natural, sustainable and enjoyable food that not only endorses local British suppliers, fair prices, Fairtrade and ethical sourcing, but also supports creative food and drink that is imaginative, flavoursome and is what the residents want.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda for all of our Clients. As a specialist catering company that focuses exclusively in the Care and Senior Living markets in the UK we recognise the support we can give and receive from the many important charities in this field.

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